Major Project – Sleep Information

“Two powerful brain chemical systems work together to paralyse skeletal muscles during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, according to new research. The finding may help scientists better understand and treat sleep disorders, including narcolepsy, tooth grinding, and REM sleep behaviour disorder.”

How muscles are paralyzed during sleep: Finding may suggest new treatments for sleep disorders. (2017). ScienceDaily. Retrieved 1 March 2017, from

Brain Structures and their functions
This link provides information on the Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Limbic System, and Brain stem. This can be used with the brain vector as a ‘hover’ interactive information graph, as an introduction to the brain. Which can then lead to information about sleep and how insufficient sleep affects each parts of the brain.

What the body restores during sleep.
Also contains information on stages of sleep.

Benefits of a regular sleep pattern
Including the effects of irregular sleep patterns, the effect on the body during wake periods.

Sleep Debt
Sleep debt information, what is it? How does it occur?


Major Project – Primary Research Link

Link Here

This website contains the main information to be used during my major instructional interactive design project. The information includes topics such as what is sleep, how sleep works, the benefits of sleep, the effects of sleep deprivation and sleep disorders.

Precedent Presentation Research

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The website includes a dashboard containing information on population projects and womens empowerment indicator by world, region, and country.
An Insights section shows how women are fairing in education, employment, and government.
A Data Gallery appears at the end of the page exploring data graphs about domestic violence trends, household decision making and other women empowerment topics.

Pros: Colour scheme is easy on eyes, and layout allows for easy progression through information. The website provides a video at the very beginning that discusses general trends and research found by the company, then begins to explain topics relating to women empowerment. Makes great comparisons from country to country.

Cons: In the Dashboard, it is not clear what each piece of information means i.e region rank and world rank. Does the number relate to popularity of the country? Amount of people in that country?

2015 World Population Data Sheet – (2017). Retrieved 27 February 2017, from