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Foundations of Interactive Design

Malouf, D. (2007). Foundations of Interaction Design. Boxes and Arrows. Retrieved 1 March 2017, from

Discussion on Interactive Design. What it is, and approaches to IxD.


Major Project – Vector Inspiration for Site

Infographic ideas for the brain.

  1. tips for sleeping better
  2. Image for sleep patterns/schedule
  3. Image for sleep disorder
  4. Main brain image, could be interactive – hover over each part of brain
  5. ‘Sleep Debt’

Images from

Freepik – Free Graphic resources for everyone. (2017). Freepik. 28 February 2017, from

Precedent Presentation Research

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The website includes a dashboard containing information on population projects and womens empowerment indicator by world, region, and country.
An Insights section shows how women are fairing in education, employment, and government.
A Data Gallery appears at the end of the page exploring data graphs about domestic violence trends, household decision making and other women empowerment topics.

Pros: Colour scheme is easy on eyes, and layout allows for easy progression through information. The website provides a video at the very beginning that discusses general trends and research found by the company, then begins to explain topics relating to women empowerment. Makes great comparisons from country to country.

Cons: In the Dashboard, it is not clear what each piece of information means i.e region rank and world rank. Does the number relate to popularity of the country? Amount of people in that country?

2015 World Population Data Sheet – (2017). Retrieved 27 February 2017, from

Making Toast – Step by Step

  1. Take out two slices of choice of bread
  2. Put two slices into toaster, plug toaster in, and switch on at powerpoint
  3. Select level of toasting
  4. Press toast button
  5. While waiting, get out preferred spread, plate, and knife
  6. Once bread has popped out of toaster, check it is toasted enough for personal preference
  7. Place onto plate and place spread over toast
  8. Eat toast